One-Room Schoolhouses

Rochester’s One-Room Schoolhouses

Long ago, when Rochester existed as many small neighborhoods and communities in town and up in the surrounding valleys, transportation wasn’t sufficient enough for centralized schooling in the village. Due to this, small communities around Rochester built their own schoolhouses to educate their children.

By the 1850’s, there were 16 different districts within Rochester that had their own one-room schoolhouses. Located at Bethel Mountain, Maple Hill, North Hollow, Bingo, Jerusalem Hill, West Hill, Liberty Hill, and several other areas of Rochester, these schools served their respective districts until they all closed in 1946, when all students attended school in the village of Rochester.

Here are some pictures of the Rochester One-Room Schoolhouses, compiled by Graham Gephart, Justine Petrillo, and Kathleen McLoughlin as an American Civilization class project: