Vermont Historical Society EXPO 2016: June 18 & 19
We will join with 150 history and heritage organizations at the 12th Vermont Historical Society EXPO 2016 at Tunbridge Fairgrounds. This year’s theme is H2O: The Power of Water in Vermont History, and Rochester Historical’s exhibit will focus on the history and photos of Log Drives on the White River from Granville through Hancock and Rochester to Stockbridge, dating from the early 1900s to the last drive in 1926. Following EXPO, this exhibit will be on display throughout the summer at the Historical Society Museum located at the Rochester Public Library.

The Heart of the Green Mountains

The pastoral beauty and serenity of the surrounding hills and valley remain the same that drew our forefathers to the Rochester area.

“The combination of high altitude, wooded hills, pure water, good drainage, together with an enlightened public spirit which maintains thoroughly hygienic conditions in town and home, renders Rochester one of the healthiest as it is one of the cleanest towns in the United States…

…Ideal climate, no sharp changes, low humidity. Winter climate rivals Swiss resorts with high sunshine percentage and little wind. Something to do all the time.”

– The Vermonter, January, 1910

The Rochester Historical Society is a non-profit organization, the purpose of which is to seek out, collect, preserve, and restore those materials, records, and artifacts which relate to the history of Rochester.

We welcome gifts of items and collections of historic value to Rochester in hopes of fostering a sense of community through knowledge of our past, while connecting people to the land and our community through history, providing a legacy of Rochester’s past and present for future generations.


Your participation is sought, through volunteer work, becoming a member, or just visiting our Museum.

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